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  • realistic artificial stones work
    We welcome originality, challenges, and superb designs. Surprise us!
  • Artificial creeks can fit small spaces
    Look closely: natural, artificial or both?
  • artificial stone waterfalls
    The artist's touch is nearly invisible in these designs.
  • Artificial stone walls - weathered
    Ages of weathering seem to have mellowed this artisanal stone wall.
  • realistic artificial stone walls - scratch coat
    Many effects require hand work from scratch coat to finish.
  • realistic artificial stone walls - finished
    This stone wall mimics natural stones but was more economical.
  • creating life-like artificial stones - armature
    Rough shapes emerge as this stone sculpture begins.
  • creating life-like artificial stones - scratch coat
    Still just beginning - more detail, textures and pigments lie ahead.
  • faux stone stairway
    These faux-stone stairs fit perfectly into the island-style designs.
  • realistic artificial stones work
    This wall starts as rough, shotcrete with a few "stones" shapes outlined.
  • realistic artificial stones work
    Several steps later, that wall looks like it has been there for ages.

We say “artisan,” not “artificial”

Master stone workers at Swan Builders International are skilled with many techniques. They work well with raw and block stone, with mortar lines and with dry-stacked designs. But for many projects, artisan-crafted stone can be more affordable, often is faster to complete and can achieve specific looks for any given design.

Our artificial stone works are virtually indistinguishable from natural stones, thanks to masterful stone artists. Few people appreciate nature more than they do, who study it in detail throughout their careers. Only they know how difficult it is to achieve a truly natural look! The rest of us are free to appreciate the finished result, wondering where art ends and nature begins.

By the way, artificial stone is not a new idea — the techniques and ingredients may evolve, but the practice has been around for hundreds of years. Some even say it originated in the way ancient Egyptians prepared the walls of their tomb chambers.

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