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best-in-class commercial and residential solutions for the Hawai‘ian islands.

  • Pattern-stamped concrete driveways pavers, naturalistic textures.
    Pattern-stamped cement driveway pavers recreate naturalistic textures.
  • Curving concrete driveway planted at intervals
    This broad concrete driveway eases you from public to private spaces.
  • Exterior hardscapes enhance property
    Custom hardscapes add personality and can aid exterior maintenance.
  • Custom brick masonry walkways and
    Custom brickwork, properly done, is easy on the feet and on maintenance.
  • Master brick layers make walkwalks, entries and courtyards. How about a brick-floored lanai?
    Masterful brick work styles for walkways, entryways, courtyards...
  • Affordable, quality concrete driveways and sidewalks
    We take pride in the details of our concrete driveways and sidewalks.
  • Curving cement driveways and sidewalks are not a problem.
    We also love opportunities to craft smooth curves and graceful lines.

Driveways, sidewalks and more concrete flatwork:

We walk on it and roll on it. It frames and anchors homes and other structure into the landscape. It welcomes guests and sets boundaries. We call it all “concrete flatwork”: sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, flat architectural designs and more. (The menu lists some of our flatwork projects that are integral to surrounding overall design, like this one.)

But it’s not just about cement! We also provide masterful brick work, crushed stone and other materials, even importing stone to suit projects for which artful simulation isn’t appropriate. Work with your designer and contractor to explore options, and be sure you understand the tradeoffs — such as appearance, maintenance and longevity — before you make your decision.

The Portland Cement Association has this and more to say about concrete flatwork:

With technological advances that allow it to take on virtually any color, texture or shape, concrete is redefining its role on the residential landscape. Concrete’s design flexibility makes it a leading player in a design process that puts increasing emphasis on outdoor space.

The only material with the ability to give a coordinated look to all of the home’s exterior elements, concrete has become a powerful design tool for “homescaping.” That, combined with its affordability, durability, and top-level performance in any climate, makes it the best choice for today’s homeowner.

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