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best-in-class commercial and residential solutions for the Hawai‘ian islands.

  • Cement flagstones, textured like natural stone
    Faux flagstone patio pavers lead to a lush waterfall.
  • Artificial waterfalls look like natural stone
    Our artists ensure a natural-looking result.
  • Artificial creeks can fit small spaces
    Look closely: natural, artificial or both?
  • Island-style rock gardens, walls and water features
    Island-style rock gardens, walls and water features.
  • custom water features
    A cozy lanai overlooks this man-made pond in the yard.
  • Stone stairs climb through this Hawaiian rock garden.
    An almost-hidden, stone-work stairway hints of more...
  • Here, the pool provides a watery courtyard to the home.
  • Island-style garden waterfalls
    Island-style rock gardens with waterfalls and tropical plantings.
  • Hawaiian gardens designs
    Good design makes a water feature look like it belongs.
  • Artificial ponds, natural stone work
    An underwater ledge... for aquatic plants to rest on, or maybe people.
  • custom water features
    Not all tropical water features have to be big to have impact.
  • home soaking pools and spas
    An alluring view draws guests to a pool for soaking or just lounging.
  • home soaking pools and spas
    The sight and sound of water are almost universally soothing.
  • home soaking pools and spas
    The water features we create often are naturalistic and island style.
  • Swan Builders' stone artists excel with natural and man-made materials.

Welcoming water features in your lifestyle

What soothes like the sound of flowing waters? Here are some basics:

Natural streams are abundant in parts of the islands, of course, but they pose challenges, too: times of low-flow or flooding, pollution from upstream (sadly), even changing course without regard for gardens and houses. A custom water feature crafted for reliability and to simplify maintenance does not take too much tending and can be designed to provide the features you want and to suit its location well.

Partners in clime…
See how some projects include island-style water features to complement (or as part of) residential swimming pools.

A man-made water feature recirculates its water. A container or liner prevents the water from seeping away. A pump keeps things flowing and, often, some sort of filtration helps keep the water quality good. Some use pool-type chemicals, some don’t need them; some allow water plants and fish, others don’t. Discuss your wishes, the options and tradeoffs with your designer/contractor, using their expertise to help guide your choices. And have this talk before drawing up your plans!

We can work with your architect, your landscape designer… or your rough sketch on a cafe napkin. Or ask our design and construction team to put together a proposal for your project. We’ll be happy to work with you to achieve the best result possible.

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