Swan Builders
best-in-class commercial and residential solutions for the Hawai‘ian islands.

  • Residential hardscapes: walkways, steps, formations...
  • Construction: artisan-crafted may be more stable and safe.
  • Naturalistic effects blend indoors and outdoors living.
  • Man-made waterfalls can be featured or tucked away.
  • Indoor-outdoor living here is natural by design.
  • How much is natural vs. artist-crafted "stone"?

Hardscapes for homes

This residence shows how a tropical climate can conspire with design to create indoors-outdoors living that is always comfortable and sheltered, too. Notice how architecture, hardscape and landscape design all work together.

It is our pleasure to work with architects who integrate indoors with outdoors from the beginning. But we also retrofit established homes with new or extended hardscapes. These may include flatwork like paths, driveways and pool decks, brickwork and pavers, as well as natural-looking stony formations

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