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  • Residential hardscapes, walkways, sidewalks, lanai decks, pools, etc.
    This residential home and hardscape design is a perfect match.
  • Naturalistic outcroppings and pools harmonize with the walkways.
    Walkways skirt naturalistic upcroppings and pools.
  • These residential hardscapes unify and connect multi-structure homes.
    The hardscape unifies the design from every angle.
  • Naturalistic residential waterfall feature masks noise and adds landscaping interest.
    Residential water features add interest, mask noise and invite relaxation.
  • Rock gardens and water features in Hawaii
    A rocky garden shows flatwork leading to nature and adds elevation.

Multi-purpose residential hardscape designs

For this project, the property’s hardscape serves several purposes. More than just a series of sidewalks, the design complements the architecture in a way that makes the journey as important as the destination. Walking these deliberate paths encourages mindful appreciation of the “scenic views” and makes semi-outdoor living enticing and beautiful.

A design often succeeds because it serves a basic purpose. But good, or even great, designs may serve more than one purpose very well. This Kailuana project is an example. Sure it keeps feet dry, helps with drainage and encourages dirt and leaves to stay outside. That is basic. But this design also helps unify the home’s parts and echoes its angular lines in harmony. Going further, the spare and clean lines of the residential hardscape’s walkways interplay with naturalistic boulders, outcroppings, pools, walls and other stone work — the home shelters and comforts while also feeling like part of the land around it.

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