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  • Before construction, this beautiful property was a blank slate.
  • Hardscape and pool border the lawn and gardens
    Clean lines of hardscape and pool border a lawn and gardens.
  • A "statement" driveway and entrance set the stage.
  • These courtyard-entry pavers will seem to float over water-filled pools.
  • Floating cement walkways, Asian designs styles
    The "floating" cement walkways have an Asian-reminiscent offset.
  • Foundation work is a natural specialty for our company.
  • Pools and watercourses of different depths require planning for flow.
  • Residential water pool mirroring water and sky
    House is to pool as island is to sea...
  • Hardscapes and landscapes took shape together here.
  • residential hardscapes designs with water features
    In this design, the hardscape features have watery counterparts.
  • Residential hardscapes designs for outdoor living
    Good residential hardscape designs invite outdoor living.
  • Pool steps lead to lanai and home.

Modern residential hardscape designs

This contemporary, residential hardscape design is softened by its watery surrounds, which echo the geometry. In places, concrete flatwork walkways seem to float over a still pool. In others, low hardscape walls frame the water, and the residence sits within like an island itself.

This minimalist design prove that modern residential hardscapes don’t need loads of flourishes to be beautiful, even calming. Like a Zen garden, this contemporary project’s parts all relate to one another in harmony, influencing how people feel in the space. Strong design skills and execution experience are required to achieve this apparent simplicity. In fact, such designs can be quite challenging and require masterful designers and craftspeople to execute them well.

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