Swan Builders
best-in-class commercial and residential solutions for the Hawai‘ian islands.

  • Laying out a realistic-stone treatment for a monolithic retaining wall.
  • Even with the right equipment, the detail work is painstaking
  • The eagle eye and experienced hand of a stone-work artist.
  • The result begins to emerge just before the color effects.
  • The texturizing steps brings it closer to realistic stone.
  • With artful tinting, the naturalistic stone effect is complete.

Industrial strength with island style

Experienced builders, contractors, landscape designers and architects in the Hawaiian islands work with terrain that varies from serene to extreme, from urban neighborhoods to isolated parcels. Since 1983, many have called on Swan Builders for stabilizing hillsides, helping to prevent them from crumbling onto driveways and swallowing buildings.

Many uses for artisanal stone work!
We do more than walls: stony outcroppings, faux cliff faces and much more — see our artificial stone work for examples.

Getting the best results for a project often means working within zoning regulations, with engineered plans and aesthetic requirements specific to the site. In any case, we’ll bring our professionalism and depth of experience to your project. We’ll be glad to provide expert input in the early planning stages.

Swan Builders can manage entire projects or work with your existing general contractor and site supervisors to assist with stabilizing hillsides.

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